house of scarlet jewellery collection


Chilli necklace silver


New York x london


the first collection is inspired by natasha's time living in new york city in 2010, not knowing anyone in the city and spending every moment at vintage markets collecting special trinkets, beautiful chains and beads sourced all over new york city, to return to london months later and create a collection that was not only whimsical and boho in form but strong and confident in its materials.


the jewellery is a collection of conversation pieces, each hand made and WIRE WORKED in their studio in london. you feel a sudden confidence when wearing this statement collection of FEMININE jewellery.


all pieces are available on request for styling, editorial and purchase.

chilli necklace gold 1 - Ayoola 

natasha necklace

crystalina necklace

reem necklace

seed necklace - PHILOU 

hos headpiece - robyn

hos headpiece trina

Riva necklace

Margerina necklace

Bex necklace

new york necklace

hos body jewellery

chilli necklace gold 2 - Callum

Gigi choker necklace 

seed necklace - Shirley

seed necklace - Eeliza

seed necklace - Parki

chain mail necklace gold

chain mail necklace silver

Vanessa necklace

keychain necklace - Natasha

harley necklace

samuel necklace