the sisters story

Riva and Natasha Scarlet Danson, two sisters living between their home town of manchester and their studio in london. 

growing up in a family of set design, interior and architectural designers was the driving force behind their passion to design and create.

following a degree in Fashion jewellery design at London College of Fashion, Natasha Scarlet went onto work in New York city for Dannijo as design and product assistant. at this time natasha began the house of scarlet blog, sharing her experiences, designs and style as a student living in new york and london. following this natasha went on to WORK WITH BRANDS including, ASOS.COM, SCOTT WILSON LONDON, GEMPORIA AND THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS.

Riva's degree in architect and interior spacial design, plus years of working in the family business, riva has always been behind the scenes organising the business, with a strong eye for interior and product design it allows riva to think big on the design and production of their jewellery. 

The two sisters have their own unique identity both with an indication of style and class. Riva exudes pure elegance, sophistication and glamour whilst Natasha portrays a more urban, sporty style, each piece of jewellery represents either one of them. they have an extremely organic approach to their design combining both experiences, lifestyle, travel and nature into making the jewellery.