Haagen-Dazs with Natalie Coleman

Recently I attended an evening of Haagen-Dazs indulgence on the rooftop in London sipping sweet cocktails.

Roof top views of London city whilst sipping on salted caramel martinis and strawberry liquor prosecco, definitely the way to start any work week.

This summer Haagen-Dazs will be working with straight-talking chef Natalie Coleman ( I really liked her, she came across as a really chilled, down to earth, cool chef. I would have her in my kitchen any day.) Natalie gave us a tutorial on how to make ice cream (or custard) straight from your own kitchen. However I don't quiet see myself achieving the taste in which Natalie did!

Fabulous flavours and an insight into how Haagen-Dazs make their delicious ice cream using only the finest, carefully selected ingredients.

Haagen-Dazs pride them selves on being real #realornothing.

Posted on August 10, 2014 .