Post Pop: East Meets West At Saatchi Gallery, London

Regarded as the most significant art movement of the last century, in this exhibition Pop Art is celebrated through the four regions of UK and USA, Taiwan, China and the Former Soviet Union.

With a certain shock factor throughout the exhibition, full of humour and an extraordinary language, displaying the likes of Mickey Mouse leading God and hero hand in hand, Jeff Koons basketballs floating in a basin of distilled water from his 1985 works titled 'Equilibrium.' Ending up with myself flipping burgers at Maccy's with Tom Sachs Nutsy's Mc Donald's.

Seen as a fun, free and exciting exhibition, each room displaying a different collection of works from paintings, sculpture, photography and many more media, we highly regard this exhibition as one of our favourites from 2014. Open at Saatchi Gallery until end of February, a trip from East to West London to the Kings road is a must to brighten up those January blues.

Posted on December 12, 2014 and filed under Art, Lifestyle.