Royal Academy of Arts Allen Jones

Last week we previewed the Allen Jones exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art, The Curator's View.

Expressing a real showcase into his love of the female form through paintings, sketches and sculptures. The exhibition is bright, bold and full of energy, the female figure sculptures entertain a provocative moment with the female form. Meandering around at eye level with the likes of Kate Moss, the sensual tones of the sculpted figures shaping moves such as samba, all portrays a true erotic over tone throughout the exhibition.

Allen Jones Royal Academy The House of Scarlet Photo+2.jpg

Allen Jones is exhibiting at The Royal Academy of Arts until 25th January 2015, the first major exhibition of Jones' work in the UK since 1995. One of the UK's most influential living artists, this exhibition displays almost 100 of his works shaping from the early 60's up to now. Read more about the exhibition on The Londonist here.

Posted on November 30, 2014 and filed under Art, Lifestyle.