Bare Essentials

Im not really one to wear much make up, every time I put it on I just want to wash it off my face straight away, so with that in mind, my go to daily essentials are very limited but always necessary. My routine includes a full on Coco Butter or E45 face and body moisturise, Bare Minerals being my favourite skin care make-up, I use the Spf 20 concealer if needed and their bronzer is a must for me in the winter months, just to lift my pale face.

My scarlet red Chanel lipstick is my best friend when it comes to transforming from day to evening without much effort, however clearly a new look.

My Nike Fuel Band, Casio watch and my new obsession with Gemporia SS15 Stacker rings are how you will always find me accessorised.

Posted on November 25, 2014 and filed under Jewellery, Style, Lifestyle.