JJ Rosa Feel Loved at Ronnie Scotts

Imagine the female equivalent of a young aspiring Prince and Hendrix through the prism of Winehouse, dressed in the sequins, feathers and cat-suit finery of a 70's Diana Ross.

Well that is JJ Rosa, the musically explosive, vocally dynamic, sex-groove, sleaze-blues rock 'n' soul force of nature. JJ is ready to make her mark on the music industry and confidently following in the funk-pop footsteps of the likes of Nile Rodgers. 

Earlier this summer JJ and her band opened for Stevie Wonder at The Calling Festival, which we were lucky enough to attend, a tent packed out and a few of my favourite tunes, every time I watch JJ, I get what I like to call chicken skin (goosebumps) I guess a few industry specialists feel the same way about her;

"... an incredible guitarist and musician!"  Labrinth.

"I think ten years from now she will be the biggest artist out of Manchester ever, bigger than Oasis or New Order in terms of what she does. She’s so talented and possesses world class potential..." Clint Boon, XFM.

"JJ Rosa is making some funkadelic hip-pop soul that'll get you dancing, grooving and wanting to dress up like Prince."  Emily Brinnand, Guardian 'New Band Up North'.

A female lead electric guitarist with such distinctive soulful pipes is hard to come by and with an exceptional band providing a groove heavy beat banging foundation, JJ and her boys are creating one hard hitting catchy pot of insanely addictive music. I have followed JJ Rosa for the about 4 years and not only is her music so vibrant and electrifying, but also her fellow Northern charm. We are Feeling Love.

Catch JJ Rosa and the band at Ronnie Scotts in Soho tomorrow evening (Tuesday 18th November 14) for their single launch of Feel Loved, on stage around 10.30pm. Please print off the flyer below for a cheaper entry. 

Posted on November 17, 2014 and filed under Style.