The House Of Scarlet New Years 13-14

We decided to head up north to The Lake District for a few days over the New Years. Six of us traveled up to the tranquil lodge of Mount Hooley. A great way to bring in the New Year & celebrate in style. Highly recommended for those who spend their New Years bar hopping in the cold spending a lot of money to get into a crowded space.

We had three days in the countryside. Nothing but relaxation, long walks & a hot tub. A perfect weekend get away for a group of six good friends. 

The vacation was captured by our own personal photographer Mr Shirley who cleverly had me climbing up & around on an old railway track showing off my matching vintage camel bomber & Timberland boots. 

Mount Hooley, a place we would definitely go back to.

Posted on January 19, 2014 and filed under Style, Lifestyle, Travel.