Royal Academy of Arts Radical Geometry

Radical Geometry, a small scale exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts that takes you through a 40 year period in Latin American art and their influences. The strong reference to Mondrian and Kandinsky, instantly caught my attention. There is just something about geometry that I am so attracted to, possibly to do with my work in architecture and property development.

There is as much movement in the Latin Americans art works as there is in their dancing. The fluidity in their work flows through a collection of shapes and colour rolling into each room  leaving you walking out of the exhibition spinning. They experiment with space, size, texture and colour, which is bold and strong, yet has an elegance and whimsical style to it. As a designer and consultant in jewellery, product and architecture, I felt inspired in all areas, the exhibition leaves you inspired for all.

Gertrude Goldschmidt also known as Gego created beautiful geometric wire sculptures, my favourite of the exhibition, it really leaves your mind to wonder what she was calling the art. The wire frame sculpture? The negative space in between each wire frame sculpture? Or the movement of the sculpture hanging in the gallery space? Gego and other artists in the exhibition transform the relationship between the art and the viewer, leaving you feeling exhilarated and booking your flights to South America.

Posted on July 23, 2014 and filed under Art.