Gemporia Jewellery Bracelet

Boyfriend jeans, over sized white shirt, Nike vest and Vans is the perfect attire for a Sunday afternoon out and about in London.

I wore this simple boyfriend look with my extremely cute Next crossover bag (which surprisingly fits in everything I need) and accessorized with my gorgeous Gemporia bracelet. 

I have now replaced my Casio with this teardrop white topaz bracelet, it is so beautiful, I am loving it next to my Scarlet tattoo, the simple and elegant chain with rose cut white topaz stone is one of those pieces you can stack with your favourite jewellery or wear as a statement piece on its own.

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Royal Academy of Arts with Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper Andy Warhol, Henry Geldzahler, David Hockney and Jeff Goodman, 1963

Photograph, 17.25 x 24.74 cm The Hopper Art Trust © Dennis Hopper, courtesy The Hopper Art Trust.

Dennis Hopper captured the real moments!

Between 1961 and 67 Dennis Hopper took over 18,000 photographs, each one un-cropped, never touched. In this very short period of time Hopper became one of the great counterculture figures in this era of social and political change. He photographed the likes of Warhol, Hockney, Hell's Angels and hippies, he took his photography to the streets of Harlem, he wrote poetry, acted, directed, he was ground breaking. 

The exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Lost Album takes you through a personal diary of Hoppers take on life in the 60's. The exhibition is a collection of 400 black and white photographs lined around two gallery spaces, taking you on his journey. 

Hoppers photography is raw and defining, it is powerful and strong, I felt the deep meaning coming from the photographs, people on the streets staring directly into the Hoppers camera lens, he picked out the pain, the happiness, the laughter, the shouting and more.

The images grasp your attention immediately, engulfing you into the world of Dennis Hopper, which you can catch a glimpse of until 19 October 2014.

Dennis Hopper Double Standard, 1961

Photograph, 17.45 x 24.87 cm The Hopper Art Trust © Dennis Hopper, courtesy The Hopper Art Trust.

Dennis Hopper Untitled (Blue Chip Stamps), 1961-67

Photograph, 24.97 x 17.12 cm The Hopper Art Trust © Dennis Hopper, courtesy The Hopper Art Trust.

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Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

With over 1,200 artworks on display, The Royal Academy hosts the Summer Exhibition extravaganza 2014.

Extravaganza it is, with over 12,000 entries and the curators working together, whittled it down and filled the beautiful gallery walls with the mixed media art works, including etching, painting, line drawing, colour, textile, lighting and sculpture to name a few.

I have the tendency to walk around galleries with my camera and photograph everything in sight, however this evening I took my boyfriend and mom to combine work and pleasure. They both clearly stated to me, NOT TO MISS the beauty that surrounded me. I didn’t.

This exhibition is truly amazing. To visit a gallery and see works from ordinary people submitting their art that are just so obviously passionate about what they do, is amazing. It is such an inspiring exhibition to know that I could have just seen the next Hockney’s works without even knowing. I feel this is the beauty about the Summer Exhibition, it gives those who create, a chance for the art world to see their creations.

There is everything at the summer exhibition. Kandinsky inspired colour blocking shapes, MC Escher graphics, Henri Moore sculpture, Richard Rogers architecture, Picasso cubism, all who inspire those today. There are works you could believe are their very own.

The exhibition is on now until August 17th, advised to book in advance as this will be popular.

I know I will be visiting again- next time without a camera (no photography allowed)

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Nike Monochrome Sportswear

Last week was my birthday, which I spent in New York City, however before I left I received my most precious birthday present. A bike. I grew up a crazy sports fanatic, mountain biking up north in the Lake District. However riding a bike to commute around London is something else. 

Kitted out head-to-toe in Nike sportswear I took her for a spin (only round the block as my helmet hadn't arrived yet) My beautiful Viking baby is now how you will find me in London. Meeting to meeting, lunch to lunch, South London to North London.

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